End of Side One

elvira-vinyl-macabreTRACK 121:

End of Side One by Elvira

Elvira’s albums are chock full of the Vinyl Vixen bullshitting between songs and giving everybody audio hard-ons.

For many years I have used this spoken word outro from Vinyl Macabre as a way to split the playlist in two.

As of last count The Shindig clocked in at 240 tracks, making This Is Halloween the last track on “side one.”

Should the playlist grown in length (as it always seems to) I’ve decided to let this bumper be its own track so it can float to wherever that halfway point should fall in the future.

So we’re officially halfway through the playlist, gang!

If that sounds daunting and just makes you feel tired then go shit in a hat, bub. All you have to do is wait and listen. I’m doing all the heavy lifting over here, so if anyone should fell tired, it’s me. And I do, as I’ve fallen asleep during a total of 10 movies this October. My horror stats for this month are at an all time low.

But along comes Elvira with a little pick me up..

So, come on. Turn her over…

Good Lord is she sexy.



8 More Days Till Halloween (Commercial Bumper)

Halloween Shindig


8 More Days Till Halloween (Commercial Bumper)

As The Shindig approaches the end of its 1st quarter, we’re gonna take a quick commercial break to feed our Frankenstein with some delicious Halloween treats.

But we’ll be right back with more Halloweeniness and audio atrocities soon.

Samples Featured in this Bumper from:

and of course

  • Halloween 3: Season of the Witch



Strange Holiday (radio bumper)

Halloween ShindigTRACK #2:

Strange Holiday (radio bumper)

Here’s the first of many bumpers found on Halloween Shindig. Being the first, this one is comprised largely of clips about Halloween itself, setting the mood and leading into our third track.

Clips include:

The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Halloween (1978)

Trick R Treat

and Trick or Treat

and a couple random Halloween Safety Videos.



As before, simply right click the album cover and click “save link as” to download this track for you own Halloween playlist.