All Hallows (2016 edition)

Did you enjoy The Shindig’s looping montage from The Art of the Halloween Mask opening last weekend?

Do you have no idea what we’re talking about?

Either way, for your streaming and downloading pleasure we present…

All Hallows:

A Macabre Medley of Murderers, Monsters, Masks and More

An hour and a half silent montage featuring all things Halloween: pumpkins, parties, trick or treaters, ghost, skeletons, decorations and masks all pulled from the vast assortment of over 60 years worth of Halloween movies, TV specials, cartoons and commercials!

Perfect for:

  • Outdoor Halloween extravaganzas
  • Indoor Halloween dance-offs
  • Children’s birthday parties in February
  • Bar AND Bat Mitzvahs
  • Sitting on your couch and watching awkwardly as the soundless images whirl by

Pairs great with:

  • The Halloween Shindig party playlist
  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • The sounds of children trick or treating
  • The cries of mercy from your hapless victims
  • That dripping faucet you just can’t seem to get Charlie to fix

Enjoy Halloween Shindig’s All Hallows!

Our intent is to add to this thing yearly, as we had a mountain of footage we were not able to include by the art show’s opening. So check back next year for a even better modified and expand version!

Happy Halloween, Weeners!




Sculptor, precison striker, mask-smith and full time Halloweener Mikey Rotella is bringing the Halloween Mask out of the Woolworth’s and into the Gallery at Lethal Amounts.


Original Don Posts, Top Stone, Distoritions Unlimited and Be Something Studios masks. Most older than you!


A whole plastic pumpkin’s worth of brand new, modern masks from famous mask makers like Jordu Schell, Norman Cabrera, Pete Infelise, Graham Schofield, Wayne Anderson and more. All up for sale!


At the horrifying mask-related 2D art!


At a special Halloween montage!



To musical accompaniment from the Halloween Shindig vault brought to you live by DJ Easy C!


It’s a Halloween Extravaganza of festive proportions for the ages!

It all starts Saturday Night

October 15th @ Lethal Amounts in L.A.

Come get your latex fix this October!


Check out the Official Lethal Amounts page.


Check in at the Art of the Halloween Mask Event Page!



R.I.P. David Prior

Today The Shindig, horrordom, 80’s Actiondom and indeed all of moviedom has lost a great contributor in writer/director/producer David Prior.

Beloved by The Shindig specifically for the ridiculously 80’s and ridiculously awesome Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout) and by me personally for additions to my life such as Deadly Prey, Raw Nerve, Mankillers, Jungle Assault, The Final Sanction and the SOV pioneer Sledgehammer, David’s pictures always felt like the product of a pure desire to just make movies and never disappointed.

Regrettably, Aerobicide (and Woman On Fire) are deeper within the playlist than I have yet to reach on this blog, but David’s musical contributions will have their day on The Shindig, to be sure.

David will be missed but his work will live on in the hearts and minds of myself and his fans all over the world.

Though this obscure blog and 1 fan can hardly provide any amount of solace to a grieving family that has no idea they even exist, Halloween Shindig still sends its condolences to David’s brother Ted and the rest of the Prior family. I have truly enjoyed what he has given to the world and the VHS copies of his films that I have are among the most beloved in my collection. I will continue to cherish them for as long as I am able.

Rest in peace David Prior.

A little piece of cinema just stopped exploding.


On July 19th of 2014, writer, director, producer, actor, artist, monster maker and all-around nice guy John Fasano, passed away in his home near Los Angeles California.

John was a purveyor of that which molds the very foundations of the Shindig; rock ‘n roll horror. The man behind such 80’s cult staples as Zombie Nightmare, Black Roses and The Edge of Hell (aka Rock N Roll Nightmare), John understood exactly why metal and horror went together so well, and added much to this unfortunately thin sub-genre.

Having been a fan of his work, it was surreal to meet and become friends with his son, John Cody, through my network of special effectsery out here in LA.

Though I only met him a few times, on those occasions John was the nicest guy you could imagine, and truly gracious for every fan he had

Our condolences go out to John Cody and the entire Fasano family.

Without a doubt John left his mark on the world of Horror, and horror fans will continue to celebrate his work for as long as there are horror fans to do so.

For our part, The Shindig will honor John the only way it knows how; through kick-ass horror songs and gifs. We’ll cram all the Fasano hits already spread throughout the playlist into one blistering block of rock ‘n roll remembrance.

Thank you John Fasano for your work, without which, my life and this blog would be a lot less awesome.

R.I.P. John Fasano 1961 – 2014